Full Body Oil Massage

Enjoy your Full Body Oil massage at the best spa in Dubai. Arabic Spa Dubai offers you with Hot Argan Oil massage, as the king of oil its known. Relax with Full Body Oil massage today and enjoy the benefits of Hot Oil massage without any negative effect on skin.

Hot full body Oil massage is suitable for all types of skin, that will help to remove the dryness of your body and make your body refreshed. It helps you to get relaxed, from muscle pain, spine pain, soften your skin, nourish and moisturize your whole body and whiten your whole body.

So what are you waiting for? Book your session for 1 hour today at Arabic Spa Dubai, one of the best Full Body oil massage center in Dubai and nourish and moisturize your body.

It’s normal to feel sore after a massage. The technique carries blood and nutrients to your muscles while eliminating toxins. After stimulating muscles that you may not usually use, you might experience delayed onset muscle soreness. This is a physical response to the inflammation as your body heals.

A full body oil massage: soft music, low lighting, a feeling of tranquility—it’s bliss. But what most people don’t know is that while you might be in a state of total relaxation your body is going into full activation mode during a massage. 

A massage stimulates your nervous system; wakes up your muscles, organs, and glands; moves blood and lymph fluid, and gets multitudes of cells to produce and release chemicals and hormones. Your body needs a massage to renew itself and reverse the effects of stress.

Improves blood circulation

When a massage is performed your muscles and body are twisted, patted and the different hand movements of the technician help stimulate the surface of your skin, leading to production of heat which in turn massages the nerve and blood vessels under the skin, which help improve blood circulation.

Increases flexibility: 

when a person’s body is massaged with precise pressure applied on their muscles, it helps tone your muscles by stretching them and improving their functioning. Apart from this massage performed for an extended period of time helps reduce flab and gives your muscles more tone.

Improves your mood and can beat depression: Your body contains 30 pressure points on the soles of your feet and palms that are related to various organs. Apart from that, you have 7 reflex centers that are related to the glands of the neck, head, reproductive organs, pancreas, kidneys and liver.

Beats body pain: A massage feels perfect when you are aching all over. This is because if done properly it helps beat body pain. Due to its action on the muscles and nerves of your body a massage helps relieve mild to moderate body ache.

Gets rid of dead skin and dirt effectively: When you rub oil on your body or a technician does it for you, the oil helps get rid of dirt and dead skin especially in those areas that are prone to its buildup, especially places like your navel, behind the ears and knees. 

Keeps you healthy: Massaging the head, nose, navel, rectum, hands, wrists and the soles of the feet have reflex points that help activate certain secretary glands making them function properly, helps in the release of certain hormones and calm nerve endings.


Improves heart health: Points on your right palm and sole have the reflex center of the heart. Applying gentle yet regular pressure on this point helps improve the functioning of your heart and stay healthy. There are other ways to keep your heart healthy naturally too, here are a few.

Beats the symptoms of sinusitis and cold: Massaging your face, nose and the area around your eyes helps relieve the symptoms of sinusitis and cold. In a professional Ayurvedic set up your doctor may even instill a few drops of medicated oil in your nostrils to help with the symptoms. Special discount available, book today and avail the offer.

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