Moroccan Bath

Moroccan Bath is one of the most important massage service for all the customers to get refreshed body, it will  remove all the dry skin and get rid of the dead cells from the skin and allow new cells to grow and allow the oxygen flow to be smooth.

With scrubbing it will allows your skin to get relaxed, shine and refreshed. Arabic Spa Dubai allows you to enjoy the best Moroccan bath in Dubai with professionally trained staff who take more care of your body and look after your skin.

Book your Moroccan bath at the best massage center in Dubai and relax for one hour at our therapist soft hands and enjoy the time by leaving back the stress, pain and anxiety.

Moroccan bath, otherwise known as the Hammam, it is a  traditional massage and bath spa treatment that is popular in all around the world for its myriad health and healing benefits. 

Beautifies the face and body

The treatment used 100% natural Moroccan products to deeply detoxify and shed al your  dead skin. It eliminates dirt and harmful bacteria while releasing any stress and tension accumulated in your body over the weeks. Overall, the Moroccan bath is a  extremely invigorating experience for the body and mind.

Steam and exfoliation is  the perfect remedy for localized pain and aches as it will promote improved blood flow and circulation. Alongside pain relief, it also helps to loosen muscle knots and stiffness, thanks to its soothing effects.

 The heat from the steam also helps to reduce water retention and boost immunity. The bath is highly recommended for anyone suffering from cold extremities as it helps to decongest the chest and nose.

The Moroccan bath involves the  ingredients that provide essential vitamins and minerals to help maintain the health of your skin. The body is scrubbed and exfoliated to remove dead skin, unclog pores and eliminate toxins. 

It  also helps to regulate oil secretions, thereby helping with healing acnes, scars, marks and any unevenness on the face or body. Additionally, the process of removing dead skin cells stimulates cell regeneration, which further helps to improve skin elasticity. By the end of the Moroccan bath, you are left with smoother and firmer skin.

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